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Immersive Halloween Related Escape Rooms in Canada

Halloween is just around the corner and the time of spooky nights is closing up on us! On an eerie evening of chilled breeze and frozen atmosphere it is best to take the thrill to the next level!

Halloween is just around the corner and the time of spooky nights is closing up on us!
On an eerie evening of chilled breeze and frozen atmosphere it is best to take the thrill to the next level!
A perfect time to visit the places of all mysteries and secrets: the challenging escape rooms!

The games vary from theme to theme and competing tightly on providing a unique experience to players. Let’s take a glimpse on the spiciest offers Canadian escape rooms have to offer and dive deep into unfolding their wonders. However the deepest secrets can be only discovered on the spot!

ghosts with pumpkin

Zombie Apocalypse – Escape Masters


Located in the bustling and colorful Montreal, Escape Masters has the real deal to offer.
A zombie apocalypse might sound a bit cliché at first, but shortly after the game starts we realize that we’re participants of no ordinary gameplay.
You and your team of maximum 7 people stand amongst the last of the survivors on Earth. Just before desperation would take over your team due to the pressing zombie invasion you learn the existence of others who linger in this mad world.
They are literally mad, scientists who claim to invent an antidote against the spreading global sickness. Your task is to enter their base by force in hope to find salvation against the apocalypse.
Just as you start relocating all information on the antidote’s whereabouts, you unexpectedly discover something you have never thought to find. The uncovered information is shocking!
Tricky puzzles and spooky vibes are guaranteed with Zombie Apocalypse with a puzzling plot twist embedded into the story! It’s time to test your skills when it comes to something unexpected!
Buckle up, the world needs saving!


Vampire’s castle – Mystery Room


Something dark lurks in the shadowy parts of beautiful and vibrant Toronto.
Ancient creatures are hungry for blood and since they are at their fullest during Halloween, only the brave ones should dare to approach them.
Mysteriously, you and your team of maximum 10, are invited to a birthday party of not just any person. The ceremony will cherish a vampire’s birthday who turns only a few hundred years old that night.
The threat is not just the undead mistress, but her husband, Lord Kahnstein, a feared predator as well, who would like to welcome you as his dinner for the evening.
Can you and your team make it out alive in just one hour? Let’s see how tight really  is the grip of the hungry monster couple!
It’s time to test your survival skills and the coldness of your blood!




Time Stop Barber Shop – Ezkapaz


The radiant city of Montreal has many sides and things to offer. If you wander deep enough, just around a dark corner your evening can take quite an interesting turn!
Ever wondered how it feels to be trapped in a Tim Burton movie? To experience the unnerving spirit of a serial killer from up close? If you enter this part of Ezkapaz you will have an extraordinary encounter!
How about having an appointment with Sweeney Todd himself? The barber of blood and mischief welcomes you to his domain! It will be your task to escape the scene before it's too late. Will you prove worthy to become Mr. Todd’s next customer on his stained chair or you have what it takes to outsmart him and escape?
Test your survival skills in the 18th century's most infamous barber shop and experience a night you won’t forget easily!
Of course time traveling and all that jazz included!

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