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The Top 5 Team Building Activities For Remote Teams

Struggling to get your team together and spend some quality time with your colleagues due to a remote working situation?

Struggling to get your team together and spend some quality time with your colleagues due to a remote working situation? Unusual times require creative solutions for all problems and for those who would like to take the team building experience to the next level, we have listed the top 5 activities that will surely leave your team hyped! Experiencing the best escape rooms remotely? Participating in a DIY pantry challenge or throwing a virtual dance party? Let’s dive straight into the possible options and ideas and choose what’s best for you and your team!

Online Escape Rooms

One of the most popular options to go with when it comes to having fun regardless of time, space and location! By connecting individuals from all across the globe the team can work together and solve the complex and exciting mysteries of an escape room. The experience is well guided and coordinated however, your team will have to buckle up and work together on the challenges. All the fun happens virtually, usually by sticking together and controlling a game master who is physically in the escape room. Escape rooms are available in multiple themes so your team can even vote and go with the most spicy options! Increase your team's problem solving skills and strengthen their collaborative skills! This game will surely increase the bond between your teams in a fun and exciting way!

DIY Pantry Challenge

Your team consists of crafty and creative people? Perhaps it’s time to introduce to them the idea of creating a cooking video and get competitive with it! Of course the most important ingredient is fun! Be imaginative, set up a time frame for your colleagues and challenge them to record their first ever cooking tutorial! Try to invite everyone in your team so even the shy ones get the opportunity to show off their ham-and-eggs making skills! Let the most innovative win!

Just Dance!

Quarantine and working from home can be quite depressing at times. To cheer up your team and bring the ultimate remote experience, invite them to an unforgettable dance party! Vote for a song in the video game Just Dance and show off your skills, or your non-existent skills with your colleagues! You can also throw in a playlist into the group-chat and let the team vote for the most favored music to rock to! Time to shake up the work situation and reward your team with a thrilling experience!

Emoji Storylines

Emoji Storylines are a nice way to lean back with a cup of beverage and tell the story of a recent event in an encrypted and fun way! To describe the event you are only allowed to use emojis and the colleagues are responsible to solve and continue the emoji tale! Try to finish the story with no more than 10 sentences! Make sure you are picking the right emojis as otherwise it will be quite easy and funny to confuse your teammates! This exercise also promotes communication skills along with having an immersive playful time!

Simulate A Problem

Simulate A Problem and solve it with your team maximizing your brainstorming capacities to the best! Perhaps you were always afraid of a certain issue threatening your organisation? Put it on the table and see how your team would react to this emergency situation! The goal is to come up with an unusual issue that affects your whole organisation and pretend that the future of your company depends on your team’s decision making! Beware, time is running and you will need to come up with a solution quickly!

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