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Rumour has it that Lasalle Mews used to be a hospital. It was called "Ambrosia General Hospital" and was closed under mysterious circumstances. It was later discovered that the hospital's doctors were carrying out strange experiments and dissections on their patients. Therefore the hospital was closed and abandoned. But one day you pass LaSalle Mews and decide that it is a good idea to explore this abandoned hospital. Two go inside while the others keep watch outside. Soon after, screams of horror come from inside and the others run after their friends. But the door slams shut behind them. They are all locked in now. Can you escape Ambrosia General Hospital?
Address: 303 Bagot St ON K7L 5J9
Phone: 1-800-570-0436
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3 ratings on Coroner's Report Escape Room
Our group has set up many escape rooms in this place, and all of them were extremely entertaining and challenging. The coroner's report was an escape room with a zombie theme, beautifully put together to create an ominous scene. The staff were as friendly as ever, but the one who served as before and again here was Liz. Staff like her do a spectacular job of setting the mood and encouraging the groups before and after the escape areas. For the coroner's report, Liz has certainly risked life and limb for this experience.
4 years ago
my daughter (15 years) and i had the very best time! thanks for the unlikely outbursts - great staff, and the hints along the way were never "too" easy and always appropriate to keep the fun going in case they noticed we were in trouble. a real challenge - we made it with a 36 second lead, and even if you say that to all the kids, you made us feel special! 5 stars
4 years ago
Myself, my husband, my 21-year-old daughter and my 19-year-old son had the great opportunity to check this out today. We are quite familiar with Kingston and live about an hour from there. We wanted to use the day to celebrate my husband's birthday early while our son was still home from college. We had already decided where we were going to have dinner... What's the first thing we're going to do? I am soooooo happy that I found this under the list of things to do in Kingston! From my first call Graham was so helpful! _x000D_ It's all the other Trip Advisor Reviews say :) . We made the office. So clearly arranged. You have to work together and find out clues that are right in front of you, but if you struggle too long they give you a little tidbit that is just enough to find out what was already right in front of you. We didn't get out in the 60 minutes, but we were sooooo close! lol_x000D_ _x000D_ But that's okay, only 24% of the people had done it within 60 minutes, so we're in the higher percentile! x000D_ _x000D_ The children had already started talking about when we could go back and check the other escape room before we got back to our car :)_x000D_ _x000D_ A great time for all kinds of people and all ages. _x000D_ _x000D_ Cheers!
4 years ago

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