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Your archaeology professor, Kentucky Smith, has been missing for some time. A letter arrives in your mailbox informing you that people are on his trail and that it is not certain that he will return - but you need to bring something from his office to him in France._x000D_He sent you a plane ticket and instructions on how to get to his office, which he said would be useful if you entered it. If you approach his office, two men will approach you. You walk faster. You walk faster. You walk. They're chasing you. You turn around and manage to get away from them - for now - but you realize you dropped the letter. You must go to his office and grab the artifact before they catch up with you and find out what you're up to. But if you get into Tuck's office, you'll see it's no ordinary office. The door will be locked behind you. He's booby-trapped the office so that anyone who enters must know him to get out. You think you know Tuck well enough to figure out his system without the letter and before the men catch up with you?
Address: 551 Waterloo St ON N6B 2R1
Phone: +1 519-601-8989
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2 ratings on The Professor's Office Escape Room
It was a very good experience for my family and me. We all had a lot of fun. Got the office of the professors and just managed to finish (they gave us 5 minutes extra because we were really close), the only reason why I give 4 instead of 5 was the introduction part a bit too much. The girl who gave the safety and rules talk said "of course" at the end of each sentence, except for the ones she started like this. The kids freaked out a little bit, but they shook it up fast. I look forward to going back another time.
28 months ago
I've done every room here and now. If we're honest, I only made them all because I wanted to make every escape room in London. Were they great? Not really. The best room was a professor's office, but even that was only if you compare it to other firms in the city. _x000D_ This company uses many directional locks that are flawed and, frankly, extremely frustrating._x000D_ _x000D_ My most recent experience here was the haunted house. $28 per person for one hour in a room that's clearly designed to take two hours. They intentionally leave an hour between bookings to sell the extra hour. If you don't take it, forget about the walk through the villa. Don't get me wrong, the room is good in theory. The walkie-talkies are faulty, which makes the experience even more frustrating. I just wish they'd book longer. Seriously... $35 per person for 1.5 hours wouldn't be unreasonable, and it makes finishing the room seem at least somewhat possible.
28 months ago

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