The Mutagen Effect escape room

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You and your friends visit an island owned by a corporation who specializes in taming wild animals. Unfortunately, one of your friend was attacked and left with an animal wound. Will you be able to find the doctor and get help in time? What secrets await on this mysterious island...
Address: 6620 Kitimat Rd #4 ON L5N 3K3
Phone: +1 905-858-2633
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeCodeAdventures/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/decodecanada
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Reviews of The Mutagen Effect escape room

3 ratings on The Mutagen Effect Escape Room
We've been to many escape spots, and so far, whenever we bring in new people and want to be sure of a quality experience, we've chosen De Code. If you have never tried an Escape Room before, it is a must to bring at least 3 friends/family members, as everyone has a different way of thinking that contributes to the experience. By quality I mean multiple rooms, puzzles that all work, not hearing things going on in adjacent rooms, helpful staff, etc. De Code has all this with games of different difficulty levels. This time we did The Mutagen Effect, and it was fantastic! We also got time for free board games, and they have a really extensive range of games, a great room, and an offer of snacks if you get hungry. And if you follow them for company, you get a discount. Parking is easy and free right next to the door.
4 years ago
The staff was so nice and friendly! We booked online + liked them on Instagram and got a discount on both. I went with my friend and we did the Mutagen Effect Room. It was a great challenge to escape from several rooms with clean and well decorated rooms. The puzzles were a bit challenging, but not overly difficult, although they were not very linear. After we solved one puzzle, we had to take a minute to figure out what the next step would be, because as I mentioned before, the puzzles were not very orderly compared to other rooms we did. A few tips for those who are interested in this particular room: 1) don't concentrate so much on the music, 2) all the books are well placed on the bookshelf ... I don't want to be too specific, because I don't want to give anything away, but once you are in the room, you will know what I mean! A proposal to the company itself: Take out all the unnecessary elements that people don't need to solve the puzzles, because it's really confusing when you concentrate so much on one thing that isn't really necessary to solve the puzzle. Also, it would be great if there were a little more guidance in some parts (e.g. to make it clearer that the white line is the bottom, so people don't have to use clues to find out what that line is, or to make it a little clearer what needs to be done with the blue book). Apart from that we were impressed by the staff, the escape room itself and the facility. We enjoyed our adventure and will come back for more!
4 years ago
Went with 5 other people - age between 14-28 years. The difficulty level for this room is rated 4/5. We managed to finish with a little more than 15 minutes lead; no hints! This was the second time we tried an escape room as a group, except for one person who tried several rooms (mostly escape rooms in Toronto)._x000D_ _x000D_ Very relaxed and friendly environment from the moment we entered the building. They offered a discount if you post something about De Code on social networks, which we all definitely took advantage of. _x000D_ No front parking lot when we drove on a Saturday afternoon, but plenty of space in their back parking lot. There were lockers where we could keep our belongings. No telephones allowed in the room - probably to keep us from looking while we were on the road, and also to keep us from opening or contaminating the room for others._x000D_ _x000D_ Each person contributed to the solution of the riddles. It was fun and very interactive. We will come back to try out other rooms. _x000D_ After we finished, we were led into the board game room where there was plenty of space and tables. In the corner there is also a snack bar! x000D _x000D_ Definitely a must!
4 years ago

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