Escape from Grade 5 escape room

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Ms Crabapple is disappointed with your grades, so she gives you an hour to turn the F into a better grade. She's tired of all her students slacking off and chewing gum everywhere. In this room the puzzles are scattered, although each puzzle sometimes correlates with the other, we have included some puzzles that are a "waste of time", as there are some people who think school is a waste of time. After all, here at the School of Countdown we want the best for our students, as long as you follow the rules, we are ready to give you a helping hand.
Address: 246 Cumberland St N ON P7A 4N3
Phone: 807-286-7654
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2 ratings on Escape from Grade 5 Escape Room
Went on at the Beckwith site during the night of 26 July 2015 until it closed. I had so much fun there, it's even better than Garden City. So much detail and quality in the clues, props, etc. Just the lobby and the layout of the whole place was beautiful. All staff were super friendly and it was great to talk to them. Special thanks to Godfrey for putting up with us lol What a relaxed, funny guy who literally helped us through all the rooms (we played 3 times and used 2 theme rooms). Not to mention that he also included a recommendation for a restaurant, XD. We didn't pass, but we were so close! I also liked that this place had a map and points system that was pretty neat. I can't wait to come back!
28 months ago
I was in another escape room at another company and I loved them! I made a few rooms there, so my family thought we would try the exit as it was closer to our area. I was very disappointed and did not want to come back. The clues are not so easy to solve and are very confusing when you connect them together. The connections you would have to make to solve the puzzle are so far away from the clues that it's just confusing and stupid. In our room, the clues told us to listen to the sentences that were said, and solving the puzzle was a word that was really far from anything that made sense. The rooms are fine compared to a competitor. They are more expensive than other escape rooms. And honestly, my family is very clever and the clues just didn't add up. Very very, very vague. One plus point is that the staff is excellent, fun and energetic and very helpful. Wonderful staff, but otherwise poor
28 months ago

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