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Your friend was a cop. A damn good cop. He called yesterday in a panic about someone he was chasing, and now he's dead. Worse, people think you killed him. Now you're in jail, and you gotta get out. You have to prove your innocence. You have to find out who the real killer is.
Address: 579 Yonge Street (2nd Floor) ON Canada
Phone: 647-344-2637
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2 ratings on Framed Escape Room
We had a large group of about 12 people, and they could accommodate us even with a full house! The place is half a board game café and half an escape experience. They currently have four rooms with different levels of difficulty. In the café we ordered snacks for everyone and some drinks. The Japanese popcorn is so addictive that we ordered it 6 times! I ordered a pizza panini for myself and it was very good. It was filled with pizza filling and the hot mayo that came with the dip was a good addition. To drink I had the espresso milkshake, which I think was one of the best milkshakes I have ever had. That, and I love espresso. A friend had the Matcha Latte and said it was better than Starbucks and flavor. The barista was really great at making art on the lattes. For dinner we went to a nearby bar and came back to the Riddleroom to try out the escape rooms and video games. Half of my group made the escape room "static" (and escaped!) and the rest played "Smash Brothers" on WiiU at one of the booths with a TV screen. That's another thing, some of the cabins have screens, so you can borrow a game console and play with a small group instead of waiting for the big screen! I look forward to coming back, even if it's just for a latte._x000D_ _x000D_ Visited in January 2016
4 years ago
I absolutely LOVED my time in the Riddle Room! I love the way they connected the games with the Riddle Room. You can play some games while waiting for the escape room to be set up. There is a wide variety of games, from checkers and queens to Scrabble, anime and various game systems. I even saw some games for small children there. Since I was there for a few hours, I ate a panini and played some board games while waiting, and it was pretty good. They also played great music. x000D _x000D_ I don't remember which escape room we did, but it was fun! The young man who led us into the room explained it very well. He and the other staff were very helpful. They gave us a walkie-talkie that we could use if we needed it to get in and give clues. It was the first time we had ever entered an escape room, and needless to say, it definitely took us more than the 50 minutes we had available. LOL I don't think there was another group after our 10:00 p.m. playing time, because they let us keep playing until the end._x000D_ _x000D_ Next time I'm in Toronto, I'll definitely check out the Riddle Room again and do another escape room. _x000D_ _x000D_ It was great to work with my boo to see how we can work together, to see how we can design the space together!_x000D_ _x000D_ Visited in January 2016
4 years ago

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