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How to Train for an Escape Room Game?

It's an indisputable fact that when someone has completed an escape room game, they immediately want to play again...

It's an indisputable fact that when someone has completed an escape room game, they immediately want to play again. These games are truly addictive, but in the right way. The more you play, the better you become because you're able to recognise new puzzles and clues whereas before playing, you wouldn't have any idea where to even start to look. A total escape room game newbie, has to first change their way of looking at problems, otherwise they will have a hard time discovering the puzzles and riddles before they have a chance to solve them. But as experience makes for a better player, is leads us to the question of what activities could a person do that would help them play escape room games better? 

We all know that practice is a huge help but if you don't have access to escape room games, then how should you practice, and with what? So let's have a look at some ways you can learn more about the types of puzzles you might find in an escape room as well as preparing you for the next escape room outing. 

Escape Room Apps or Online Escape Rooms

This is a no-brainer. If you want to improve at escape room games, then you should just keep playing them. The cheapest and most practical solution is to find games online. Though nothing can come close to the sensation of being in a real live escape room, today's online efforts do a pretty good job of creating an immersive and exciting experience. Not only that, but these games are so convenient. Just a simple download to your portable device, open up the app and you're good to go. Playing these games, with their almost infinite number of themes and options, is a great way to keep the escape room mindset fresh. They will help you think outside the box and improve all the aspects you'll need for your next escape room game.

Escape Room Card Games/ Board Games 

Having to wait for the next escape room adventure can be a drag. So what better than to try your hand at one of the many card and board games built around the escape room theme. Because it's a totally different experience than playing escape room online thanks to the pacing and game design, you'll be looking at a completely different approach to the escape room genre. The whole nature of using card or board games lends itself to a new methodology in concealing clues and formulating puzzles. Many of these games also have a portion of the gameplay linked via an app to the internet. You may receive clues over your phone, as well as being able to call for help. If you want to keep those little grey cells active, then escape room board and card games ate a fantastic option to pay at home. 

Puzzle Books

Head off to your local book store and dig out those books that are normally labeled as time-wasters. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and word search books are the ones you'll be wanting. You might wonder as to the connection between Sudoku and escape rooms? The answer is not that there is any direct correlation between the two. What these types of books do offer is a way of looking at problems. By doing these puzzles and exercises, you're forcing your brain to think in a different manner. Any new puzzle will give you a new perspective. You are encouraging yourself to have a new view of the world, as you begin to see things with a new set of eyes. By getting you used to having to think differently, you're actually preparing yourself for the next escape room game. You can also find many Facebook pages dedicated to puzzles and riddles, as well as on Instagram. Check them out as you'll have plenty of competition.  

They say that practice makes perfect. And so it's true with any new skill. The same goes for escape room games. The more you play at them, then the better you'll become. But we don't all have the time or the funds to keep playing in real live escape rooms. So we need to practice. The best option is to find escape room games online. With the huge number of possible narratives and types of game-play, it's certainly never going to be boring. Though this involves playing through an escape room game online, there are other techniques that are about helping you see things differently. For this, we can use books and puzzle games. By setting our brains new tasks, we will be training ourselves to think differently when we come to play at our next escape room games. 

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