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November Manual for Escape Room Owners

What can owners expect this November at Escape Rooms

Things have gotten rough this year but that hasn’t made the people of the world lose their spirits. People in the Escape Room Industry must have observed how the Pandemic in the beginning of the year caused severe issues for the business. However, the team works around the clock to derive strategies to run the business while simultaneously adhering to the precautions provided by the country’s government. Escape room across countries handled the brunt of fall in the tourism industry and with a set of regulations it is possible to keep the work up and running. Here’s what owners of Escape Rooms can expect this November. This is written with the intention to assist you in preparing for the seasonal change.


While, recovering from the repercussions of the first wave, the second wave arrived as predicted by professionals. It isn’t possible to predict much as it depends entirely on the governing body of the country. Moreover the second wave has an impact on the same. In certain countries Mortar Escape Rooms and Brick Escape Rooms have already been shut down. The ones that are open, on the other hand have a mandatory set of rules to follow while functioning the Escape rooms. It is advised to keep yourself updated on the news around business laws in your country until the virus situation is under control and also make sure to follow all precautionary and safety measures to keep yourself and the people around you safe from Corona.

Autumn/Winter season

Even though summers are the busiest, Escape Rooms have the advantage of indoor service throughout the next seasons. People prefer to  stay indoors during the growing cold and that works out conveniently for Escape Room Owners. Even though the footfall can depend on the country’s regulations, it is safe to expect that in places with liberal rules, people would choose to play. It is also important to note that the gloomy weather usually creates a need for entertainment and Escape Rooms could be the perfect answer considering the amount of work and effort it demands.

Suggest Online Escape Rooms

The world has begun its transition into the digital world and COVID is one of the biggest catalysts to this. The facility of providing the virtual version of this mindboggling game works in the favor of the industry as this could easily become a sought after option in the current market. A safe environment, right at the comfort of one’s own house is a perfectly reasonable place to participate from and people would love that. Even though it might be quite a task to convert from Brick to Mortar during the game, the game has proven to be definitely worth the time and patience.
So far, the observations have revealed that there has been a successful increase in Online Escape Rooms due to its convenience and popularity. If the work quality remains the same, it is highly likely that this will become one of most popular game options across the countries. The fan base can be widened, given that the option to play online allows people from different corners of the world to participate. The ability to connect with friends and family from across will also drive more people to opt the game during the Social Distancing phase.
Another point to note is that offline Escape Rooms require complex functional dynamics and hence can cost a lot. The shift from an offline platform to an online platform will cut costs efficiently leading to bigger and uncut profits. Even though the new norms are unusual and inconvenient, on the long run these points can help retain and enhance the quality of the business. So put on your working hat and ease your way around COVID this season!

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