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Top 10 things we hope to see even after the coronavirus pandemic

The glass can be half empty or half full. Let’s take the latter approach this time and list 10 great things we hope to see even after the pandemic is over.

The glass can be half empty or half full. Let’s take the latter approach this time and list 10 great things we hope to see even after the pandemic is over.

Home office

We know, we know - some of you are going crazy at home and some of you have no chance to work remotely even in this situation, however, we can all agree on one thing: home office is cool. Obviously no one pictures their life this way after the pandemic, but there are numerous workflows that would benefit from getting done calmly, from the comfort of our home. Let’s hope we can have a day or two of home office – at least monthly.

Higher contactless payment limit

It is kind of strange that we had to have a pandemic for this. But since the contactless payment limit has already been raised, let’s keep it that way. It’s much more comfortable than entering your PIN every time and also a lot more hygienic – as we all know by now – than paying with cash. If we do have a say in the matter, it would be great if we could keep paying this way even after the pandemic.

Online escape rooms

Online escape rooms would not exist if it wasn’t for the pandemic. But they’re here and it’s quite easy to get used to them. The idea itself is brilliant, but the fact that we can play with our friends and family even if there is no way to visit an escape room personally is even better. A lot depends on the implementation of course, but a game like this can recreate the atmosphere of an escape room much better than the 100th similar looking flash escape game.

Family time

We might have had an excessive amount of time with our family in these past few months, and it is not easy to avoid friction when you are all together 24/7. But that’s the beauty of it. There were numerous lessons to learn during the pandemic: patience, empathy, and the ability to solve conflicts instead of sweeping them under the rug. Let’s keep this good habit of ours and hope that families will spend more quality time together after their members go on their way again.

Lower pollution

Taking a look at the bigger picture shows us that the true winner of this pandemic is Earth. Countless pictures, data and statistics illustrate how much better our environment is doing since we take things a bit slower. It would be great if we could pay more attention to our environment and used our finite resources more consciously after the pandemic.

Food delivery

Necessity is the mother of invention, every possible restaurant and café tried to improve on their delivery. It is mostly noticeable in the case of restaurants, since many lost their regular clientele due to the regulations. It is easy to get used to the amount of quality meals one can order when we are finally not limited to pizza whenever we get hungry at home.


Handwashing, handwashing, handwashing. It seemed more simple than it is in actuality. It’s kind of funny that – instead of colonising Mars – we have to teach the population how to wash their hands properly in 2020. Well, this is how it is. Let’s hope it doesn’t get forgotten and we all pay a bit more attention to hygiene.

Cheap petrol

Petrol has not been this cheap for as long as we can remember. This does not have a good effect on economy of course, but we are taking a look at the bright side of things, so let’s appreciate that we don’t have to reach deep into our pockets to fill the tank. It’s even better if we can combine this with the aforementioned higher contactless payment limit: paying for a full tank has never been easier!

At-home workout

There was plenty of time to work out at home these past few months. You must have found at least one incredibly good app or at-home workout plan, even if you just dipped your toe into the topic. It’s one less excuse to maintain a couch potato lifestyle. Being healthy just became more accessible, let’s pursue it.

Free parking

Petrol is cheap, parking is free! Parties could have won elections with this policy… It will not stay this way probably, but we can dream.

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