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Why An Escape Room for 2 People Is a Good Idea for a First Date

Some while ago, we did a blog post on why escape room games are probably not the best idea if you're going on a first date...

Some while ago, we did a blog post on why escape room games are probably not the best idea if you're going on a first date. The gist was that you don't want to show yourself in a less than stellar light, and also it might make your date uncomfortable if some simple clues fly over her/his pretty little, but slightly vacant head. But since publication, many people have suggested the opposite. That taking the girl/boy you want to get close up and personal with, to an escape room game is actually a great starting point for cupid's little arrows. We're not totally convinced, but thought we'd have a stab at looking at this conundrum from the opposite side.

Now the previous article did mention one caveat, and that was this meeting is the first date. That's right, you hardly know each other. And yet here you are, being pursued down a dark tunnel, with a group of shrieking flesh-eating zombies on your frightened ass as you frantically try and remember the number sequence to the locked door. And all without peeing yourself. Well, it sure beats a lame first date at Starbucks, staring into your expensive latte, with sweaty palms, and wondering if telling her about your stamp collection is a good idea. 

Here's the thing. Buying an overpriced coffee and sitting among millennials is not an activity. Slumming it in a cafe and making small talk will not help you get any closer. Essentially all you're both doing is talking. Words fall so easily, be they the truth, or how we would like them to sound. To put it another way, you can hide all sorts of things when you're just talking. We're assuming that you don't have the wit of Moliere or Oscar Wilde. So you have to ask yourself, is this the type of person I'm interested in? The short answer is a resounding "Nope." The long answer we'll get to...

Lighten the Mood and Spark Conversation

No matter how you look at it, the majority of first dates are a cross between a concept from Disney and the beginning of any of the Saw franchise movies. Obviously, you're both hoping for the best. Before the meeting, there is probably some sort of fantasy going through your brain, which will deliberately skip from the first greeting to horizontal dancing missing out on all the bits in between. That's why having a shared activity, that requires the both of you to be very much in the present, is a great idea. For a start, if you're the one who came up with the idea, it'll be a plus point as it'll show just how interesting you really are. It's something new and allows you to see each other in a new realistic light.

Now don't go and overdo it by taking the game too seriously. No one appreciates having your first date, red-faced and screaming directly at you, whilst stabbing you in the chest with their index finger, saying that it was all your fault they couldn't solve the escape room game in time. That's not a very good approach (unless you're dating a misogynist) and will kill the romance faster than a fart during foreplay. We all know that you like to win. But for the sake of this date, try and relax. 

Get to Know Each Other in New Ways

The majority of dates actually first meet up online. Yep, online dating has now replaced the traditional ways of meeting the opposite sex. This is actually a great thing. Providing everyone is honest with themselves. But unfortunately, 81% of first-time online daters lie. Now if you were to meet them in a more traditional setting, then you'll need to put in the work to see where the truth lies. Whether fudging their age to make them younger with Photoshop or anything else that they believe will make them a better catch will take time to be discovered. If they are good with conversation, it'll take even longer to find the real person behind the carefully drawn mask. 

But one great thing about online dating, is that it encourages you to list your interest, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. So before you actually meet someone, you'll have a better idea as to whether you're suited. This is a massive time saver. Finding yourselves in an escape room game, with the clock counting down the minutes, is often a catalyst for someone's real personality to show through. To see how someone reacts under perceived pressure is an excellent way of cutting through all the silly small talk. When you're both involved in a heart-pounding escape room game, there's little time to stick to the fake personae and be on constant guard about saying the right thing or trying to maintain a fake face. No sir, it'll all come out, and you'll see the real person, warts and all, as Oliver Cromwell's instructions were to the painter Sir Peter Lely, when commissioning his painting. 

Seeing someone under some pressure is a great way to get to know them. It cuts through what could transpire to be months of wasted time and resources if you followed a regular dating pattern. Here you are, in an escape room on the very first date, and you'll see within minutes how someone deals with real life. You'll find parts of their personalities on display that you might never have seen. Then there are puzzles and riddles which will give you a good idea if there's anything between the ears. It's a good way to find out whether they're bright (or dimmer) than yourself, so you can find a complimentary level of intelligence. 

Make Lasting Memories

Going for a coffee or to the cinema is all well and good. But you don't score any Brownie points for originality. It could be argued that as you're both excited to see each other, then the setting is of secondary importance. But, let's face it, that's just rubbish. We're all adults here, and not silly teenagers. if you're not that interesting yourself, then by going to an escape room game, you not only elevate your boring personality to make you appear both fascinating and worldly, but you're also creating an exciting memory that will be forever connected to you. So that's a double win. 

And being memorable (in a good way) is part and parcel of how to win the dating game. When it's time to go home, your date will certainly ponder on the night's events as she tucks herself in. To take it to its extremes, we know a guy who always takes his new dates to the same escape room. He claims/lies he's never played before. Because he already knows all the puzzles and riddles, he's able to subtly paint a picture of patience under pressure, coupled with the intelligence to understand and solve all the clues. What a player! 

One point though, if you are going to take your date to an escape room game, it's best to book a private room. Sharing a room with other unknown players will certainly cramp your style. And give the two of you less time to bond.

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