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It is the year 1912 and you are on the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic. The air is filled with excitement as you and your fellow passengers in first class celebrate your happiness on this wonderful ship. Nothing was spared. Every detail has been considered, every whim has been taken into account. This is the epitome of life at its best._x000D__x000D_ As you pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself, a sinister force is working its way under the surface. x000D__x000D_Passengers notice that little things are missing: bags, wallets and bracelets. Finally a message is issued to the passengers. "Attention, first class passengers. It seems a thief may be in our midst. Many small but valuable personal items seem to have been stolen in the last 24 hours. Please be on the lookout for suspicious persons or activities. A reward of $100,000 has been offered for the most valuable stolen item so far, the necklace "The Black Swan". Not only is it almost priceless, but it is said to have played a central role in the naval warfare. Please stay alert."_x000D__x000D_Believable, a small theft is the beginning, but what is in progress is absolutely diabolical. Behind the scenes, a villain with a grand plan has set his plan in motion. The mastermind is none other than Fredirick D. Drunpf. He is a failed businessman from New York City and an unsuccessful gambler and playboy. He took a small fortune from his hard-working father and wasted it on unsuccessful business plans and frivolous personal pleasures. His greed is only exceeded by his ego. Faced with a certain amount of public ridicule and poverty, he set out to secure his future._x000D__x000D_While the Titanic was being built, Friedrich Drumpf used the little money he had to build the façade of a rich, nouveau riche aristocrat. He convinced the builders of the Titanic to allow him to design and decorate a first-class cabin to his "very high standards". He even chose where the cabin would be. The location of the cabin was central to his plan. He chose a place that was next to the main steering column of the ship. You see, Mr Drumpf's plan is simple yet elegant. He had used all the money he had left to buy insurance against the sinking of the Titanic. The insurance was incredibly cheap because the ship was "unsinkable". Once he had taken out the insurance, the next thing he would do was to confiscate the ship's steering apparatus and smash the Titanic into an iceberg, causing her to be completely and fatally damaged. Drumpf, who had some sailing experience and rudimentary knowledge of ship technology, was able to devise a plan to sink the Titanic while escaping and enriching himself._x000D__x000D_My friends, it is now up to you to follow the clues and prevent the execution of Drumpf's evil plan. It will require cunning, observation and teamwork. The fate of 2224 innocent lives is in your hands._x000D__x000D_Good luck.
Address: 5693 North Street Nova Scotia B3K-1N5
Phone: info@thegreatescape-hfx.com
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3 ratings on Titanic Again! Escape Room
I was in a group of nine people tonight, and I was the only one in the group who had made an escape room before. It was fantastic (and yes, we solved it!). This room had a lot more substance, quality, and depth, and it actually had the Halifax theme!_x000D_ _x000D_ It is based on the Halifax explosion and is historically accurate (but with fiction to tell a specific story), including props, fixtures and furniture FROM the time of the explosion. Everything, including the great staff (Allan and Thomas) and the building itself, is working to make it a thoroughly impressive experience. We had a great time; it is incredibly well done. And it's definitely suitable for all ages and types of people. _x000D_ _x000D_ It's too beautiful to miss, so hurry before the theme is replaced!
4 years ago
We had the best time! Puzzle Master Allen was fabulous! Our group of 8 learned and worked their way through the themed escape room of The Halifax Explosion.
4 years ago
I went with a group of six other people (all of whom had never made an escape dream before). I really enjoyed this experience. Allan is a fantastic host / puzzle master, and he is super good at immersing you in the feeling and setting of the puzzle. The whole room is very well put together. It is decorated with a ton of actual things from the time of the explosion. The puzzle itself is challenging and fun. We barely made it out alive!
4 years ago

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